September 18, 2020

Small Cell Deployments Webinar


Join our Small Cell Deployments Webinar. Register Today : There are several critical factors involved in achieving swift zoning and planning approval for small cell deployments.
In this webinar, you will learn from Dr. Dr. Jonathan L. Kramer, JD LL.M LP.D L. Kramer, JD LL.M LP.D, Senior Partner, Telecom Law Firm, US – a special independent contributor and government-side expert who will share insights into the following core questions:

– Why do local governments even care about camouflaging wireless sites?
– What feedback do residents share about small cell deployments in their areas?
– What special considerations are there for installing a small cell in a public right of way?
– How can the permitting process be streamlined for small cells?

Tim Sill, VP of Technology and Business Development at Alpha Wireless will share his acumen on a small cell deployments in the US and provide a unique insight into the Alpha Wireless CAN.

There will be plenty of time for open floor questions in this webinar.

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Jack Slevin

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