July 6, 2020

Nemo Cloud Introduces Plotting Measurement KPIs on a Map


The latest release of Keysight Nemo Cloud remote monitoring solution includes several user interface improvements. Measurement KPIs can now be plotted on a map in the monitoring view and the measurement route is colored based on the parameter values. It is also possible to show site collections and base stations belonging to the site collections on a map in the monitoring view. The base stations can be filtered based on technology, e.g. you can select only 5G base stations to be shown. In addition, you can now define whether to use device location reported by the GPS of the unit or to use a fixed location. The new Nemo Cloud Analytics page displays embedded post-processing dashboards and reports that have been uploaded, e.g. from Nemo Analyze or Nemo WindCatcher. Furthermore, administrative Nemo Cloud users can now create and manage user groups. Read more about Nemo Cloud: https://lnkd.in/dveRkmA

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