April 9, 2020

Microdata Telecom – COVID-19_uplink performance


COVID-19 puts new demands on uplink performance.

Social distancing and working from home is becoming the new normal in these difficult times. Network performance is increasingly recognized as critical – one effective device to improve Uplink performance, throughput and capacity is the Tower-Mounted Amplifier (TMA).

1) Network traffic will increase – increase a lot.

2) Online meetings often contains video in both directions with symmetric uplink/downlink traffic, resulting in that uplink performance require attention.

3) Traffic shifts from where our offices are, to suburbia.

Moving traffic out to suburbia means higher path loss, revealing the weakness of the UE, the relatively low TX power. The TMA is very simple & reliable. It improves the uplink C/I and compensate for the lack of UE TX power. Improvements translate to over 60% higher data rate for cell edge users and significantly higher capacity.

A modern TMA support dual, triple or even quadruple band sectors. With multiband TMAs it’s even more critical to use equipment with excellent PIM performance. We design and test to the highest PIM standard in the market and is the frontrunner within PIM reduction since more than a decade.

Read more in the article linked: https://microdata.se/covid-19-uplink-performance



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