May 28, 2020

3D Visualizer version 1.2 introduces major new features


Keysight’s 3D Visualizer displays 5G NR beams in a 3D environment to show which real-world elements are blocking the signal and degrading the network quality. 3D Visualizer is supported in Keysight’s post-processing and analytics tools Nemo Analyze and Nemo WindCatcher.

3D Visualizer version 1.2 introduces major new features, including the ability to visualize planned beams in a 3D model in order to compare measured results to planned beam configurations. In addition to the Altizure 3D model, you can now also use the OpenStreetMap 3D models in 3D Visualizer, making it easier to start working in 3D. Indoor support enables visualizing floorplans on the map to see results, for example, when macro cells provide coverage for indoors.

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